Brute Force SEO “The Revenge” EVO III Application Form.

The successful applicants will be sent a a link to pay.
We don’t know the final price yet, but this will be approx 50% of the usual one time payment.
[This payment link expires in 48 hours.]

Once the payment is received, we’ll manually setup your license using the email address supplied in the application.

Successful applicants will be granted access to our Private official
testing Facebook Group, with a high likelihood of becoming a moderator of that group once we go live.

You’ll be contacted via the email you supplied on how to get in the group which has the downloads and docs etc. There’s very little to no documentation currently to suit this software but it’s very simple to use, just like our other softwares.

If you can run them, you can run the new one. I’ll do a group meeting and run the software step by step.